As expected for this time of year, a few of the team have come down with colds/flus. Despite this they have tried their best to keep completing the miles.

Unfortunately Julie has sustained quiet a significant injury while playing rugby, which has certainly put a stop to her running for the next few weeks and potentially may end her running with us for the foreseeable.

However the good news is we are getting more and more people interested in what we are doing and many wanting to join us. Ben is the most recent and he will taking this idea with him when he moves to Gibraltar in the next month or two.

With a lot of interest from people wanting to join, but are put of when they  find out about some of the big mileage we have to put in on sometimes. We are going to allow people to still participate. For those who don’t feel they can run the long miles on the big days then they can complete it on other forms of human powered transport. Cycle Row etc. As long as they complete the miles for each day and under their own steam.